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Immigration Canada
One couple’s quest for Permanent Residency in Canada
This blog is all about one couple's journey through the headache that is immigration Canada. I'm Canadian, girlfriend is Swedish, and all we want to do is get married and live in Canada. Not as easy as one might think..

Police Background Checks for Immigration

November 15th, 2006

So when I spoke earlier this year with the Canadian immigration hotline, they said we wouldn’t have to get the FBI and New York polic background check for my girlfriend because she was never there for 6 consecutive months.

Well we got the Hungarian police report and mailed it in, and the CIC sent us a letter to confirm they received it and ask something else - For the US police background reports!

So AGAIN I call the immigration hotline. They say we sohuldn’t have to do the police check. So I tell them that we explained this in a letter and sent it to immigration, and that CIC wrote us back and said we still needed it. So the hotline operator says “Oh well then you have to do it. Thanks for letting us know their new policy, so we can tell other people who ask us about it”.

What? Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s hotline requires the people applying for immigration to inform them of changes in their own policy? Pathetic. Absoultely pathetic. As a Canadian I’m embarassed and as a tax payer I’m floored. What a waste. I’m so angry about this, I can’t even explain. Nobody knows what’s going on over there and then they wonder why people make mistakes on their applications and stuff.

So now our application will be delayed by another SEVERAL MONTHS. It will take at least 3 months for the FBI report to come back, and probably as long for the New York police report.

It’s now been almost 1.5 years since we sent in our application…..and still waiting.

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